First off, if you haven't heard of King of the Hammers, watch this:

As you can see, its rock crawling/racing combined with desert racing from the Baja 1000. Its more than that. Some say its the toughest race in the world because only about a third actually makes it to the finish. All I know is that it looks like fun and Im on my way out there now to check it out in person. The vehicles look amazing.

The live fee can be watched here

They are running through the competitors and showing them take off from the start. But I'm hoping they are able to show the mountain sections in a little bit too. Tomorrow is the big race, but today covers the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge which is some ways the coolest part of the race as its accessible.

You can actually rent a rig. Which is a good thing for me because if I owned one of the real KOH rigs I would climb over everything in the neighborhood and they would take it from me. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to own trucks like they race in KOH. Im included. I think.

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