Come to Team O'Neil rally school with me this January 26-29 in Dalton, NH and get 30% off the regular price! This was their Black Friday sale, but it's now valid until this Friday by signing up at the following link. I thought it would be cool to put a bunch of guys together and asked if I could try to fill a week using the same special. But we only have until Friday. If you guys are even remotely interested you should sign up because this is the cheapest it will ever be again. Costs of running cars go up every year and 30% is basically a free day at the school.

At night there is a local bar where we can shoot pool and drink beers while telling stories. I have some stuff that I've never really shared other than in a bar with friends. Like the details on the AK47 gunfight on the way to WRC Mexico 2010 or the high speed police chase deal. Not to mention all the strange stuff thats happened on the Baja 1000 trips. And I will tow straight from SnowDrift. So if I don't stuff the car during the rally I should I have an AWD E3o on snow tires with me. I don't think you get to the E30's till day 4 but they'll let you extend for an extra day or two if you want. I believe it would be 30% off as well. Give them a call to add the extra day 603-444-4488, otherwise I think you can simply extend once your at the school but I would call to confirm.

The school is awesome. I've never gone during winter time but my friends tell me its a blast. My first time at the school I brought the $500 car and it was life changing for me. It was right before they switched over to the Fiesta's which seems to be a little more responsive and fun, but the key was that I still to left foot brake and maintain control of the car.

There is also bit of time on rally prep and how rally cars differ from street cars that we might be able to expand a little. Assuming it's interesting to those that sign up.


So if you are free January 26-29, 2014 and want to join me at rally school this is a pretty good deal at 30% off but you need to sign up at the link by the end of Friday. I hope some of you come out.