For the past week or so, Red Bull Global Rallycross has been running a bracket for voting your favorite driver. Today is Bucky Lasek against Geoff Sykes. Who is Geoff Sykes? Well that's exactly why you should vote for him. I'm friends with both drivers and know Bucky reads Jalopnik and will see this, so Bucky I hope you understand. I love privateers that compete in serious events.

Geoff Sykes is the privateer. The guy taking on team with huge dollars and sons of Formula one drivers and stuff like that. Sure the machinery is expensive and a lot more than a $500 BMW but its what you do with it and how you run your program that makes you who you are. And Jeff is the privateer trying hard to make it work. I got to see him race at LA and there he was hanging out in the pits working the suspension with his engineers and his Dad! I thought it was awesome.

And the fans recognize it too, as he beat out Tanner just a few days ago too! Nice work Jeff and you get my vote. But man Im excited for whomever moves forward! You can vote here:…