Inside a NORRA Mexican 1000 Pre-Evolution Winning Truck

We all know that Robby Gordon won the NORRA Mexican 1000 in his crazy cool Gordini but what about the other vehicles in the race? There were vintage vehicles, bikes and ATVs and a class called Evolution with an assortment of modern race vehicles ranging from Robby Gordon’s Unlimited entry all the way down to mini… » 6/23/15 3:43pm 6/23/15 3:43pm

Valentines Day at Rally School - 20% Off!

I'm single again and Valentines Day is coming up. The last thing I want to do is buy roses. The first thing I want to do is drive sideways on snow at Team Oneil Rally School! Best part is they will open on a weekend and give us 20% off if we get four or more guys to show up!

So you need less vacation time than the… » 2/03/15 6:03pm 2/03/15 6:03pm

Global Rallycross: Vote for your favorite driver

For the past week or so, Red Bull Global Rallycross has been running a bracket for voting your favorite driver. Today is Bucky Lasek against Geoff Sykes. Who is Geoff Sykes? Well that's exactly why you should vote for him. I'm friends with both drivers and know Bucky reads Jalopnik and will see this, so Bucky I hope… » 12/18/14 4:19pm 12/18/14 4:19pm

Why the Nürburgring is so difficult to learn

The Nürburgring is different than other racetracks. It was built when safety and motorsport where opposites. There are jumps and a straight so long you have time to ask yourself "How fast am I really going?" There are 73 official corners on the Nordshliefe plus another 11 on the GP course, but that's not what makes… » 6/20/14 1:16pm 6/20/14 1:16pm

Come With Me To O'Neil Rally School In January for 30% Off!

Come to Team O'Neil rally school with me this January 26-29 in Dalton, NH and get 30% off the regular price! This was their Black Friday sale, but it's now valid until this Friday by signing up at the following link. I thought it would be cool to put a bunch of guys together and asked if I could try to fill a week… » 12/04/13 2:09am 12/04/13 2:09am

Come Hang Out with Me at Subiefest This Weekend!

I've never been to Subiefest. I've been a BMW guy most of my life, but lately I've been driving for Crawford Performance which is a Subaru shop. You mostly likely know them from Matt Farah's show on the Drive Channel where he checked out Crawford's 450hp turbo BRZ street car. But they are also the performance shop… » 9/13/13 3:23pm 9/13/13 3:23pm

Ken Block To Headline Panel For Rally Film At Jalopnik Film Festival

The Jalopnik Film Festival is only 12 days away and I'm excited to announce the panel for the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done, which will include none other than rally driver and Hoonimus Maximus Ken Block talking rally with director Matt Johnson. » 9/06/13 3:17pm 9/06/13 3:17pm