This is a serious problem. And is more similar to the housing collapse than one might realize. These car loans are written knowing that the loan will be underwater in a few years. Meaning they know the debt on the asset will be greater than the resale value of the asset. This is actually a substantially worse… » 1/21/15 12:01pm Wednesday 12:01pm

Im not sure this should be titled How to Make it... but rather his life as a pro racer and then its a pretty good speech. He openly admits to bringing cash for his seat which is awesome to hear. So many drivers say they got "picked up" which really means their check cleared. Wild that he covers Daytona 2010. That must… » 12/21/14 9:24pm 12/21/14 9:24pm

Im sorry you're so angry, but I'm not entirely sure what I did to offend you? And I'm sure I dont need to point out the obvious.... but Facebook is optional.

The other thing is.... why post something like this on Oppo? I dont care that you're sharing my Facebook page, this is just a bad post that has nothing to do… » 12/20/14 1:31pm 12/20/14 1:31pm

Global Rallycross: Vote for your favorite driver

For the past week or so, Red Bull Global Rallycross has been running a bracket for voting your favorite driver. Today is Bucky Lasek against Geoff Sykes. Who is Geoff Sykes? Well that's exactly why you should vote for him. I'm friends with both drivers and know Bucky reads Jalopnik and will see this, so Bucky I hope… » 12/18/14 4:19pm 12/18/14 4:19pm

My 125cc shifter kart fit in the back of my X5 with the side pods and rear wheels removed... So yes a kart definitely can fit in the back of an SUV. And my friend just picked up a shifter with tons of gear, suit, helmet, tools, wheels, spares for $1600. But if you want to autocross a miata, have at it! » 7/21/14 7:33pm 7/21/14 7:33pm

Why the Nürburgring is so difficult to learn

The Nürburgring is different than other racetracks. It was built when safety and motorsport where opposites. There are jumps and a straight so long you have time to ask yourself "How fast am I really going?" There are 73 official corners on the Nordshliefe plus another 11 on the GP course, but that's not what makes… » 6/20/14 1:16pm 6/20/14 1:16pm

I saw one testing at the Nurburgring last month. I think this one had wider fenders at some point in its life because of the weird tape covering what I think were spot welds for the VLN fenders. Maybe a M2 Xdrive with wider fenders is coming? » 5/13/14 12:56pm 5/13/14 12:56pm

So it's simply a cash issue for you? That's too bad. The cash is the easiest part actually. Learning to build your own Racecar and weld your own roll cage, tow 3,000 mikes into Mexico and become the first amatuer to run a full wrc rally with no fia license or legal car, and to do on the longest rally of the wrc with… » 4/09/14 10:05am 4/09/14 10:05am